Mary Aiken appointed as Distinguished Professor at the Asia-Pacific Institute for Resilience and Sustainability

mary for newsMary Aiken has been appointed as Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Cyber Analytics at the Asia-Pacific Institute for Resilience and Sustainability (AIRS), which is jointly anchored at Swansea University's Network Science Research Center, and Hawaii Pacific University.

Professor Mary Aiken is directly collaborating with the Director of Hawaii Pacific AIRS, Professor Steve Chan, on issues affecting the State of Hawaii. The AIRS Institute will provide the structure and opportunity for a new generation of leaders to address Hawaii and the Pacific-Asia region’s risks from natural and manmade hazards and develop solutions for sustainable economic growth within the region’s unique physical and cultural diversity. It will focus on three core initiatives:

1. Sustainability and the environment, including issues concerning energy, water, food security, and climate change adaptation 2. Global leadership and capacity building, including international leadership, disaster risk reduction, and public health systems 3. Critical community continuity, including cyber security, information assurance, security technology business and policy, and all levels of security awareness.

Speaking on the appointment, Mary said " I am delighted to be collaborating on a project that can be described as a 'Smart Island' initiative, undoubtedly there will be valuable learnings for our own island of Ireland".