CyberPsychology in Wired this month.

538058Mary Aiken is a cybercrime expert. Having studied online sex offenders, self-harmers and human traffickers, the Irish psychologist heads the CyberPsychology Research Centre at Dublin's Royal College of Surgeons, where scientists study how technology distorts human behaviour. Her work has caught the eye of TV crime franchise CSI -- this year, CSI: Cyber will have Patricia Arquette playing a cyber psychologist heading up an FBI unit based on Aiken's real-life work.

"The same way CSI helped the world to understand forensic crimeCSI: Cyber will do that for cyber-psychology," Aiken says. "Some people still see technology as merely mediating human behaviour, but we're talking about an immersive, disinhibiting environment that has the capacity to fundamentally alter behaviour."

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