Launch of the Europol EC3 Academic Advisory Network


The European Cyber Crime Centre EC3 at Europol has hosted the inaugural meeting of the EC3 Academic Advisory Network(EC3AAN). The transdisciplinary academic network will focus on forward-looking cyber research and will advise on key cybersocietal issues.

EC3AAN: Olivier Burgersdijk European Cyber Crime Centre EC3 Europol; Dr Philipp Amann European Cyber Crime Centre EC3 Europol; Professor Julia Davidson, Middlesex University London; Professor Mary Aiken, Director, RCSI CyberPsychology Research Centre; Professor Marco Gercke, University of Cologne; Director, Cybercrime Research Institute ; Kristopher Rush, Deputy Technical Director, CERT Cyber Security Solutions, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University; Professor Steve Chan, Network Science Research Centre, Swansea University; Associate Professor Edgar Weippl, Technical University of Vienna; Research Director, SBA-Research; Professor Michael Bakes, Director, CISPA University Saarbrucken; Professor Michael Levi, Cardiff University; Professor Alan Woodward, University of Surrey; Professor Jan van den Berg, Scientific Director, Cyber Security Academy Delft University of Technology