CSI:Cyber breaks Guinness world record

The pilot for new show CSI:Cyber has broken a Guinness world record when it was aired in 171 countries simultaneously. Mary Aiken is a producer on the show. CSI: Cyber, which premiered last week, stars newly-crowned Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette as Special Agent Avery Ryan, who heads the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI. Based on real-life cyber psychologist Mary Aiken, Agent Ryan is tasked with solving illegal activities that start in the mind, live online and play out in the real world.

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"Online every contact leaves a trace"

mary only csi shotNational Public Radio, All Things Considered. In CSI: Cyber Agent Ryan's character is based on real-life cyber psychologist Mary Aiken, the director of the RCSI CyberPsychology Research Centre in Dublin, Ireland. She's also a producer on the show."My job as a cyberpsychologist is to deliver insight at that intersection between humans and technology," she tells NPR's Arun Rath. "Or sometimes, as law enforcement says, where humans and technology collide."

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Meet Mary Aiken, the inspiration behind ‘CSI: Cyber’

“Boyhood” star and newly minted Oscar winner Patricia Arquette is about to take on a very different kind of role — as the lead of CBS’ newest procedural. The actress is starring in “CSI: Cyber” (premiering 10 p.m. Wednesday) as special agent Avery Ryan, head of the FBI’s cyber crime division. The latest spinoff of the long-running franchise focuses on the intersection of technology and human behavior, and is inspired by the work of Irish cyberpsychologist Mary Aiken. Read the full New York Post article here.