Cyber Criminology: Algorithmic vs. Heuristical Approaches for Analysis within the Human Trafficking Domain (Aiken & Chan, 2015)

Visual and auditory information has dominated the field of virtual reality (VR). Evaluation of the role of sensory stimulation in VR has highlighted olfactory stimulation as a potentially powerful yet underutilized therapeutic tool. Early studies of immersive environments, which were run as experiments, incorporated smell in the virtual experience; however, olfaction in virtual environment design and development has arguably failed to maintain a position commensurate with its sensory capacity, exemplified by the paucity of research and possible application. A review of the literature suggests that olfaction as a component of virtual environment exposure therapy may be a useful addition in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a mental health condition triggered by a terrifying event, either experiencing or witnessing it.